Super Nifty Gift Ideas!


It’s almost Christmas, I’m not joking it’s practically here. Seriously, Christmas is next monday. Have you gotten all that the malls have to offer? Picked through the sales at your local mega stores? I’m sure the answer is yes and I’m also certain that your super sullen and exhausted. Which probably means that you forgot a thing or two. Leaving Deborah from the office and that lady who was extra kind at the bakery without prezzies. After all, this is the season of spreading joy and giving gifts to people that you met one time and almost never see. Check back here every day for new gift ideas and recipes for the holiday season.

Gift Idea # 1

Medium Emergency Kit:

This is a super sized version of the mini mergency kit. Which I’m sure you’ve all seen in the shops for ridiculously outrageous prices.This one is a bargain and the shopping starts at home. Check out your vanity and bathroom closet for unopened products that your not using. If you fail to have any luck, places like dollar tree and target are great last minute destinations. For instance, the makeup bag  featured is from target and costs only three dollars.

Content Ideas

Clear Nail Polish

Bobby Pins




Earring Backs

Fingernail Files

Mini Scissors 


Alternate the products and mold the contents to the personality of the person. Yet, no matter what you choose, your credit cards will rest easy.



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