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  So, it's back to school time again and I'm sure you know what that means. Um, shoppingggggg ,for awesome supplies and just plain amazing bobs for the learning zone, of course. Which is why I decided to drop by the blogosphere today ( and blab). I have discovered something that I think all glitter zombies should know about. What, I'm sure many of you awesomenistas are asking. Well, take a seat and I will tell you. Lunchbox notes, yep that's right lunchbox notes. Amazing little scratch off surprises that will make any lunchtime an event ( no, a galactic occasion). Super easy to use and great for all ages. These tiny bits of awesome are just plain magic and wonderful.

  From time to time I make lunchbox meals for my family members. To let them try out my new recipes and creations (before they rest quietly on the blog). Which is simple enough sure, however everything can use a bit of sparkle from time to time. Now when I deliver a tester box, I can add add a token of my gratitude. Just jot a quick note down and cover with the scratch off sticker and you're ready to go. Not a recipe box doer or cook no worries. Lunchbox cards will shine with any lunch handmade or prepackaged by Kraft.

   Before you zoom off I would like to take a moment to discuss the awesome quality of the cards.Made by the never boring company inklings paperie, the lunchbox note cards are of the highest quality. Made with grade a super sturdy materials and adorned with quirky illustrations, you can't help but smile.

Check inklings out for this and a plethora of similarly sweet fascinations.

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