Nicholas K Fall + Winter 2017 Presentation

Hello, Hi and Hola,

So, today I have a super special and very top of the charts exciting post. What is the excitement, I'm sure many of you are definitely asking. Well, it's a post about New York Fashion Week 2017, and one of my favorite fashion houses. 

As most of those that read my blog know, I have an obvious love of fashion. Which is why when I received an invite to the Nicholas K presentation, I practically combusted. I absolutely love this brand and their refreshing aesthetic. Every piece is unique and made for those that appreciate bold risks. 

This seasons wonderful selection definitely impressed me and won my blogger approval, if that's a thing. However, as much as I would love to share every wonderful piece that I layed eyes upon, I can't, that would be way too long. So, I instead opted to share my favorites. Check them out below.


Every piece delivered an amazing and tasteful vibe. It was very natural with a dash of retro glamour.


                   I mean who can say no to fur trimmed anything, snake print and earth tones?


 I really love how the accessories weren't hidden in the background. The footwear and the hair      accessories were everything.


                The construction of this coat is truly impeccable. This had to be my absolute favorite.


                                               I never knew I loved this shade so much.
                               It's super warm and should definitely become the new staple.



As per usual Nicholas K delivered magic and otherworldly awesomeness. Every piece was masterfully constructed and a delight. Absolutely loved the show and the wonderful experience that is NYFW.



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