3 Ways To Show Off Your Holiday Style

 Holiday apparel doesn't have to be gaudy granny sweaters and Santa hats; there are a number of ways to keep your tidings on the stylish side. What's more, while many see winter as the season to cover up in bulky apparel and dark colors, now is the perfect time to show off your unique personal style while still staying warm (but if you're still longing for warmer weather, evolution of smooth provides a taste of summer). Here are four on-trend fashion tips for ringing in the holidays runway style:

1. Stockings aren't just for stuffers.
Fun, brightly patterned stockings are a fantastic way to flash some holiday cheer while showing off your legs. Stripes, polka dots, holiday characters, or even bold primary colors paired with a chic coat and ankle boots make for an editorial entrance.

2. Go green.
Winter foliage isn't just for decorating doorways and kissing under; a sprig of cheerful red holly berries or evergreen tucked in a cute hat or pinned brooch-style onto a coat lends an elegant but understated holiday touch to your wardrobe. 

3. Add some (faux) fur.
Faux fur wraps, collared coats, and trimmed hats and gloves are a playfully fancy way to stay cozy while cutting an unabashedly decadent figure. You can even sport a fur-trimmed handbag for a more understated accessory, while still catching the eye of passers-by. 

4. ..or Metallic.
Metallic prints and materials aren't just for snappily wrapped presents, they make for sophisticated fashion touches. Silver, bronze, gold, and rose gold are all stunning when worn as a skirt or top; for a more subtle holiday effect add a metallic clutch or purse to your ensemble before going out.

5. Get sparkly.
What better time than the holidays to break out your shiny, sparkly jewelry? Vintage-inspired gemstones and shimmery silvers and golds compliment any outfit, whether worn as chandelier earrings or in an intricate headband, and keep the holidays classy.


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