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    Just wanted to throw a bit of info into the wind. Recently i have been contacted by a few companies and individuals asking me to feature their products on my blog. This is something that i am totally for and definitely willing to consider. As this little blogosphere has grown quite a bit and i wish for continuous development into the future. However, i am also busy with school, freelance work, regular work and my other blog. Which means that emails sometimes and very often go unnoticed. Leaving valuable opportunities in the wind. Something that i wish to do no longer.

       Which leads me to the point of this blog post. If your an indie company, norm company or individual seeking alternative press. I would love to feature you on my blog. However, its tres important that the following three questions all receive the same answer.

Are the products or services you wish to be featured relatable to my blog?

Has your business been in operation for at least a year?

Do you love pets?

If your answer was yes to all three feel free to send me an email:


Please include all relevant information pertaining to your business and product within the email.

*No spam please

Current Rates:

Full page (includes any photos that you require) : $100

Half page (no pictures) : $50

I leave you with a lovely photo swirled with magic and mystery. Or more simply an air balloon and a night sky.



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