Puppy Product Promo

I love shopping for my animal friend Nicholas whenever I can. However, the trips can sometimes seem a bit redundant. Buying the same things over and over again, never finding anything new. Which is why when I stumbled upon a doggie boutique....I whiffed a bit of destiny. Upon entering the store I was bombarded with amazingness. It was as though I stepped into a magical land affixed only with the best products for our canine and feline friends. Yet, as always my entire being was pulled by magic into the food and treat area. Which is where I found this amazing product.

It's called puppy cake. It comes in many flavors including carrot. I opted for the red velvet with yogurt frosting. There were also a few ice cream options for a possible pairing. I'm thinking spontaneous puppy party.....anyone???

My dog loves this and he's super picky about his treats. So, if it's Nicholas approved I'm sure your furry friends will go mad over this product line. 

Not to mention they make for a very lovely end result. The sprinkles are colored sesame seeds. An awesome color addition and healthy extra for your pal.

For more info on this product and to discover a trove filled with much more coolness. Check out puppy cakes website and fill your basket to the rim. The products are amazing and extremely safe for fido and max.

http://puppy cake.com

Happy Baking,
Mari and Nicholas


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