Packing For Your Pet

Every person loves a great vacation. Traveling to awesome locations and soaking in all the fun. However, planning for every vacation may not always be the same. There are some occasions where guests with four legs may want to join in on the fun and why not? Every family member should get to enjoy them selves, even those with fur. So now I hand it over to my furry pal Nicholas, who will share with you his travel essentials.

To the creature zombies enjoy and to the human zombies.....get packing !!

And now a word from zombie Nicholas.

I love to take my humans traveling whenever I can. Which is why I have grown into a slight expert when it comes to packing the perfect pet suitcase. Here are a few of the things that I absolutely need and am never without. 

The contents are always changing slightly  because I love a good pet smart shopping spree. Yet, everything is put to good use and works hand in hand....

Did you catch the change? Treats for those who did.

My favorite squeaks. Im never caught without them. I think I like Sven best.

I get quite parched, especially on long trips. Which is why I have a least two frozen water bottles and my favorite travel bowl.

For the cold trips.....and who doesn't love a great flannel???

For those who don't know my name and for walks when I'm with the humans.

Awesome treats. My humans baked these and I loved them. I think their called  apple crumble yummies. ( and their gluten free for those with sensitive tummies) Check out her blog again next week for the recipe :)

Being outside all day does take a toll on my just groomed fur. I like to carry this to stay lovely and clean. It smells like ocean water and peppermints. 

These are just a few of the things that I need whenever I travel. What do you like to take on long journeys?



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