Mother's Day Gift Guide

     Mother's Day is coming really soon. Which means there isn't a lot of time to figure out what your getting mom for the special occasion. There are loads of shops and over the top restaurants available to those who wish to purchase something that everyone else will have. Yet, if you really stop and truly think about what your mom loves, that usually doesn't come with an extravagant price tag....usually. I speak of my own experiences when I say that my mom has always loved the handmade gifts that her children create. Special gifts that are tailored to the person and the occasion. I too love handmade things and any opportunity to craft these types of treasures. So, I thought that it would be a really cool idea to make a guide of sorts, that will showcase my fave projects. 
   This project is perfect for the younger readers to try out. It's super sweet and really easy. It's also something that I'm sure your mom will get to use on a daily basis. I call it simply "The Pen Boquet." You can use either pens or pencils (or a mixture of both) for the project.

Have fun and get crafting !!!!!!

Pens or pencils for the win. Also there's no need to keep stem colors at a natural tone. Use whatever types of ink pens or pencils you want

Glitter or glitter pens for the decorative grass within the mini vase.

Glue gun with loads of glue sticks as per usual.

Use flowers left over from other projects if you have them. If the flower supply is low, faux flowers can be purchased at most craft stores for as little as $1.99

For the base your going to need a glass container and rice for grass. I used an old candle holder. You use whatever seems right and ultimately something that your mom will love.

This is the step where glitter is introduced. I chose green to create the effect of a planted arrangement. It also adds a nice glitz.

Remove the bottoms of the flowers so that the pens can slide through. If the pens don't fit, cut a slightly larger hole.

This is how the pen should look attached to the plastic bit of the flower.

Add a tiny smidge of green paint if the glitter didn't deliver a bold enough color.

Attach the flowers to the bottoms of the pens. Don't attach to the ends with caps or where ink pen is exposed.

Attach flat flowers to the fronts of pens or  pencils.

Feel free to add a night sky in any color of your choosing. The painting doesn't have to be perfect. You want a swirled or striped effect.

 All done and now this cute little craft is ready to be gifted.

Now.......wasn't that easy ??



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