XOXO GlitterZombies

As many may have read a few times through various posts. I love food and cooking. I also enjoy learning new recipes and exploring different ways that ingredients can be used. Simply put im a self confessed and obsessed foodie. I have inside of my mind at all times an excessive amount of food facts and usages. So, given this and the fact that I have had the chance to learn quite a few recipes through the years. Many of which were learned from my mother and grandmother.......so their quite old.....or let's just say traditional. I decided that the awesome food treats should be shared. Which is why I'm doing just that and compiling them all in to a book along with a few of my fave d.i.y projects. Just think of it as a journal with way too many of my thoughts. A collection of cool glittertasticness. 

If you love this idea and food and awesome crafts . Check back here on our web space in May for details of where the book will be available. Until then I have included a few electric food photos....that may or may not have made the cut.



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