Alternative Florals

So, I had a few extra flowers and a dish that screamed put me somewhere. Of course many ideas started to float around in the caverns of my mind. Yet there was only one winner.

 The end result can be found in the following photos.....below the words that you are currently reading.

The dish that I spoke about earlier and a crafts persons main tool....or maybe I should say one of many main tools.

A close up of the dishy dish. Which of all places was purchased at a dollar tree. They have many many more and a variety of types......go and check your local store....after you've finished reading of course !!!

A few of the extra flowers that litter the hallways of my life.

Cut the stems off if your following along and making your own. It's help them to stay tucked neatly inside fyi .

An aerial visualization of the end product. Add as little or as many flowers as you like.

A peek from the side and we are done. A super easy and quick project that can add a dose of something to any space. 

Love our crafts and d.i.y projects? If you said yes to yourself....check back next Saturday for more :)



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