Craft Corner

I finally posted another d.i.y tutorial......yay. It's super simple and completely wearable. Yet, it may be a bit kitsch and slightly gaudy for some readers. However I do suggest that everyone has to at least give it a try.

What you will need.

Plastic Headband - no need to buy a new one search your house high and low.  I'm sure something will turn up.

A lot of itty bitty bits and bobs- any and everything will do !!!!

Now, on to the directions. Which as per usual come in the form of photos. No worries a few words may sneak in here and there.

Level of difficulty : Easy

Plain plastic headband...any size will do.

Traditional crafting stones, appliqués or crystals.

Bits from the drawer that you throw everything into.

Glue gun to glue things!!!!

This tool......

To detach unnecessary add ons that are no longer needed.

Add a few things and the first layer is done.

Keep adding and your design becomes super 3D.

Try to use all of your charming charms for a super cluttered look.

My only leftovers....for now. I'm sure there's a craft project brewing where they will take the lead.

And like that your done. Now wasn't that super easy. 



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