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Here's a couple of really cool vintage prizes I found this weekend. I found them at this really amazing boutique in Knoxville called Nostalgia. Check them out at the site below. It was like walking through a vintage wonderland. If you haven't been....you should definitely go now.


I almost went into a crazed panic when I found this really cool item.

It's an authentic army jacket....can you believe the wonder. Although the excitement of my find wasn't the best part ( the price was ). This super sweet jacket was only $5.00 USD. Now that's a major bargain ( especially when shopping vintage).

Ok so my sister and I are obsessed with James Dean and his super cool awesomeness. So grabbing this was a no brainer ( although it was a bit pricey) but hey at least it was vintage ( circa 1990's)

My mom and sister got a few more things that were really nice as well ( maybe I'll snag them later and show them off)

Until then however, I hope some found this little snippet slightly interesting.

Zombie Mari


  1. Thats awesome. I have too many military printed jackets/shirt etc. You got some great deals though. <3



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