What's In My Bag


This is just a random post, about nothing more than the boring contents of my bag. Don't get too excited.

The current lovely that carries my belongings. It's the best and one of the largest bags I own. It's super sturdy and every girl should have one, but I can't remember where I bought it originally. 

A little lookie.

From behind.

The coolest and sparkliest deux lux confection. I love this wallet ( or purse if your in the UK)

No, I didn't keep this from my childhood or take it from my younger sister. I got it recently from Target and It keeps my pens and pencils warm.

My glasses live here.

I love writing when I can and these pens are the best. They're the Sharpie pens with the finest point. Great for writing and drawing. Super smooth glide.

Business cards at the ready.

Antibacterial applications and potions with hydrating properties are essentials. Current faves are Mango Temptation by Victorias Secret and a sensational blueberry delight.

Random bits.

Closer look at the random bits.

There were a few more things buried under receipts, but I decided not to bore you. Maybe I should do a video.......

Zombie Mari


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