Painting Redux

Check out my redux of a painting I found in my grandmothers garage. Gave it a little wash and a few coats of paint. Next, as per usual I scraped some of the paint off, because I'm always going for a rustic look ( on everything ). I think that it's really cool and a perfect little project. So I wanted to share.

Here's what you need:

Old painting.

If you don't have any old paintings hanging or hiding in garages. You should definitely check out local thrift shops and yard sales.

Regular acrylic paint or oil based if your fancy. I prefer to use Craft Smart paints on this because their quality and affordable.


Paint your chosen picture with a lovely dash of color. A few coats will do the trick.

Finally, compliment your frame with color. Do this by marking a few sections of the frame with color chalk and smudge.

Quaint touch but worth it.

This truly is really quick and easy. Hope you all give it a go.

Zombie Mari


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