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   I really love taking photos. Every opportunity that I have, I try to grab a photo of something special or meaningful. Which usually means that Im on a multitude of photo editing apps, programs and sites. As I use a large amount of the photos taken here on my blog.

The following are a couple of photos that I edited using the editing tools In iPhoto. A pretty simple program that really doesn't make you run through hoops of fire.

Original Photo ( from a different angle)

Edited Photo with iPhoto editing suite.

I really love the new look of this photo. The temperature and the exposure add an avant grade quality. Also the contrasting pink and blue really jump from the screen. Simple editing tricks can go the distance.

Here Is another example using the sample program. Original photo followed by the edited photo. )Again different angle of edited photo)

The following photos were all edited using InDesign CC from Adobe, another really great photo editing program.

I really wanted a vintage tone for this look. I think that It came across really well using the tools found In InDesign.

The following are a few Apps that you can use on the go. Apps are compatible with both the iPhone and iPad.



PhotoShop Express


FX Photo Studio HD

Best Camera

Editing photos can be a daunting or really cool experience. Creating optical Illusions and pushing your photos until they achieve their greatest potential. Makes for a successful and rewarding blogging day/

Zombie Mari


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