Walt Disney World Knowledge

   What does magic mean to a person of my mature twenty three years. Think as hard as you can..think...think....still thinking. Well, of course your answers all things disney right, right. In honor of my love affair. I thought it would be a cool idea to share some facts about this crazy cool american attraction. Those who have been, thinking about going and have never been ( but will soon change mind and wallpaper to Minnie or Mickey Mouse) enjoy. Smiles all around.

1. Walt Disney bought the 43 square miles of Central Florida swampland for Disney World for $ 5 million, or about $185 an acre.

2. Cinderella's Castle is made out of fiberglass, and it stands 189 feet tall.

3. Disney Worlds biggest theme park is Animal Kingdom.

4.  If you stayed in a different room every night at the Disney World resorts, to sleep in them all would  take you more than 65 years.

5. Epcot's Meaning : Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow.

6. Disney World decorates more than 1,500 hundred trees at Christmas time.

7. Across Disney World, over 20,000 different colors of paint are used.

8. The oldest attraction in the Magic Kingdom Park is the Prince Charming Regal Carousel,  which was built in 1917.

9. The Norway Pavilion was originally just restrooms.

10. On the Tomorrowland Speedway, the cars travel at an astonishing 7.5 miles per hour with 9 horsepower engines.

11. Small pipes shoot the trash through utilidoors under the Magic Kingdom at 60 miles per hour.

12. If there are two lines and you can't see the loading area from where you are, take the line to the left.

13. You can send postcards to family members while you are own vacation, directly from the parks.

14. Gum isn't sold in Walt Disney World, to prevent park attendees from creative sticking.

15. More than 30 tons of fruit and vegetables are grown each heart at Epcot's land pavilion and is used in the resorts restaurants and cafes.

16. When Disney's Magic Kingdom first opened in 1971 admission was only $3.50

17.  The entire size of Walt Disney World is equal to that of San Francisco, California.

18. Main Street, USA was inspired by the town located in Marceline, Missouri, which was where Walt grew up.

19. The Liberty Tree is well over 100 years old. The 13 lanterns hanging in the tree represent the 13 original colonies.

20. Space Mountain was the first ride to debut at Disney World before coming to DisneyLand.

There you have it, twenty facts about the most magical place on earth and its creator. Hope you learned something new.



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